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Marketing Plan 1

Welcome to a guided marketing plan

for an
existing business


at a
non-marketer level


where content is adapted to 
RIGHT-brain hemisphere


marketing plan

0. Before you start your marketing plan                   

0.1 Fact sheet - Introducing your existing business
0.2 Executive summary of your marketing plan
A preparatory video about business planning
>> A preparatory article about business planning

click to start your marketing Plan NOW

Part One: STRATEGIC PLANNING                                                                                     

1. Analysis of the current situation - past year


Business trends analysis

1.2. Market analysis

1.3. Competitive analysis

1.4. Market segmentation

1.5. Marketing-mix

1.6. SWOT analysis

1.7. Positioning - analyzing perceptions

1.8. Sources of information

situation analysis > past year
> A n a l y s i s <

2. Marketing plan strategy & objectives - next year


Marketing strategy

2.2. Desired market segmentation

2.3. Desired marketing-mix

2.4. TOWS-based objectives as a result of the SWOT

2.5. Position & perceptual gaps

2.6. Yearly sales forecast

marketing objectives > next year
> O b j e c t i v e s <

Part Two: ACTION PLAN                                                                                                       

3. Marketing action plan & budget - next year


3.1. Cooperative bodies 1+1>2

3.2. Maintaining marketing activities

3.3. Developing a new offer and its pricing

3.4. Promoting marketing activities

3.5. Enhancing service marketing principles

3.6. GANTT chart

3.7. Marketing budget

action plan > next year
> A c t i o n <

4. Control procedures - periodically


4.1. Control bodies - who?

4.2. Control tools - how?

4.3. Control by milestones - when?

4.4. Criteria of success - what?

control procedures > daily
> C o n t r o l <

5. After you end your marketing plan  
>> Marketing plan closure

My marketing Plan NOW

To download the above guideline as a one-page marketing plan template, click here

For ready-made marketing plan samples, click here


Marketing plan
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