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Marketing Plan Audit Services

Marketing plan audit: structure, methodologies & content

You can get marketing plan samples, templates, wizards, software, books and consult with professionals, but what about the real thing: a marketing plan audit that can be free!

If you have a marketing plan for a business or a a non-profit organization, we can upgrade it
for you after having audited hundreds of plans.

Our extensive experience with marketing plans made us offer this service.
We offer upgrading existing marketing plans of businesses or non-profits by an online audit.

marketing plan audit

The marketing plan audit includes the plan’s structure, its methodology and content while the process is as follows:

marketing Plan NOW services  1. Initially, you will receive from us a signed Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA),
2. Your existing plan and its annexes are revised and upgraded by us within THREE business days,
3. When necessary, you get from us a list of questions in order to complete our audit,
4. You get back your audited marketing plan with an invitation to contact us with any further
    questions you may have,
5. We invoice you an amount of ZERO or $180 (or equivalence in Euro) as indicates the following table:

ZERO invoice = 0 REGULAR invoice = $180
We send you a zero invoice if you agree to publish the audited plan on this site.

Every time that your revised plan (omitting sensitive data) is acquired, you get a 50% commission.
We send you an invoice of $180 (or its equivalence in Euro) if you wish not to
publish the audited plan in this site.

 Online marketing plan audit is a marketing service offered by

For further information about auditing marketing plans
contact us



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