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Marketing Plan NOW
was created as an eMarketing website in 2009, following the development of several marketing
services that facilitate the preparation of a marketing plan towards a better performance.

The services we offer involve 
tools that are being used successfully by small and medium businesses and non-profit organizations, including national and local chambers of commerce. Furthermore, the know-how can support those that
are seeking marketing jobs as well as sales and marketing professionals. The main offer of this site is related to its name
as the word PLAN stands for - Publish, Learn, Acquire and Now.

The framework of Marketing Plan NOW was created in 1997 by Danny Abramovich as a marketing consultant, a
marketing plan specialist, and an international marketing lecturer who noticed that clients and MBA students have something in common: They both confuse basic concepts such as Marketing and Sales, but more often; there is
confusion between Marketing Plan and Business Plan.

A 49-second
introduction to the concept
of Marketing Plan NOW entitled:
"marketing plan - get it, learn it"


"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there."
Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series of motivational books

Leading the team of
Marketing Plan NOW
, the background of Danny Abramovich as a marketing plan specialist and founder of, takes place in North America, Western Europe and Asia - and includes
hundreds of SMB’s/ SME’s as well as international corporations such as
MasterCard, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, and Netafim - world founder of drip irrigation.

We have a leading team of international marketing lecturers to include Barak Ben-Avinoam, Amir Raveh, Alon Rozen and
Jean-Francois Spira.

Danny Abramovich, Marketing Plan Specialist Barak Ben-Avinoam, Cross Culture Specialist Amir Raveh, Entrepreneurship Specialist Alon Rozen, International Marketing Specialist Jean-Francois Spira, International Marketing Specialist 
Danny Abramovich
Marketing Plan Specialist
Barak Ben-Avinoam
Cross Culture Specialist
Amir Raveh
Alon Rozen
Int’l Marketing Specialist
Jean-Francois Spira
Int’l Marketing

Any question to our team about marketing plan services? Please contact us

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