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Marketing plan and consumer behavior

Marketing plan and consumer behavior

marketing plan and consumer behavior    When a manufacturer trades with a wholesaler, the commercial activity
is regarded as a "business to business" activity (B2B). When the end user is involved, it’s called "business to customer" (B2C).
Although some companies and non-profits encompass both, it is always an H2H activity: "Human to Human".

As marketing is a behavioral science that allows a business or a non-profit to better cater to the needs of its targeted segments, we need to better understand human needs.

Question: Some of the ways to learn more about the behavior of our clients is by observing or by approaching them with specific questions, but how can this lead into higher rates of satisfaction, retention and profitability?

Answer: Better results are achieved when transmitting information to our clients through their senses - through what they see, hear, smell, touch and taste, all in accordance with our specific business or non-profit activities.

The following 6 PowerPoint presentations support the know-how of the analysis chapter of the marketing plan, in general, and the understanding of market segmentation within this chapter, in particular:


Consumer Behavior                           
ppt presentations (PDF)
specifications comments
P41 Consumer behavior background 69 Slides (S)
1.0 MB
1 out of 6   
P42 Who is to behave? Segmentation! 45 S
1.2 MB
2 out of 6
P43 Introducing consumer behavior 35 S
0.7 MB
3 out of 6
P44 From perceptions to behavior 41 S
1.2 MB
4 out of 6
P45 Psychological core of consumers 50 S
0.9 MB
5 out of 6
P46 Decision making process & more 48 S
0.9 MB
6 out of 6
                                                                                                                                                                              Table 4 - CB

Marketing plan is a tool that allows human beings to better plan, execute and control marketing activities based on Consumer Behavior which is all about being and having, as the following formula indicates:

                                 If BEHAVING = being,
                                 and BEHAVING = having,
                                 than being = having
                                 --- or ---
                                "Tell me what you buy and how you buy, and I will tell you why you buy!"

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