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Marketing plan and marketing communication

Marketing plan and marketing communication (MarCom)

marketing plan and marketing communication    It is a common occurrence in marketing budgets that most of the expenses are allocated to advertising and supported by other mass communication means such as advertising, public relations, sales promotions, exhibitions and sponsorships. Internet can play a major
role in all of the above, but only as a communication superstructure.

The above means, referred to as Marketing Communication or simply MarCom, require us to rely on professional service providers.

While advertising becomes an exact science and various MarCom elements often need to be integrated into the main corporate message/s (Integrated Marketing Communication or IMC), only large corporations 
manage mass communication activities in-house. As most business marketing and non-profit marketing depend on
external service providers, we should improve our communicative approach with them in order to decrease the gap
between what we expect to get for our money and what we get in effect.

The following 5 PowerPoint presentations (covering 3 chapters) support a basic level of know-how of marketing communication (MarCom) and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC):


Integrated Marketing Communication   
ppt presentations (PDF)
specifications comments
P31 Prerequisite for MarCom 60 Slides (S)
1.4 MB
0 out of 3
P32 Communication 33 S
2.9 MB
1 out of 3
P33 Marketing communication-theories-1 49 S
1.0 MB
2.1 out of 3
P34 Marketing communication-mix-2 30 S
0.9 MB
2.2 out of 3
P35 Integrated Marketing Communication 53 S
1.1 MB
3 out of 3
                                                                                                                                                                            Table 3 - IMC


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