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Marketing plan and creativity

Marketing plan and creativity

marketing plan and creativity    Marketing plans represent a methodology that creates a launching point for the optimal planning, execution and control of marketing activities for the upcoming year.

In a SME/ SMB or a non-profit, we often rely on a term which is easy to plan with, but more difficult to deliver: NEW!

The term "New" is strongly associated with marketing strategy (see Ansoff Matrix), whether we opt for a new product development strategy or a new market development strategy. When launching a new product or service,
we know that initially the optimal segment is made up of
innovators: those leaders of opinion that can endorse our offer, or not!

After having launched a new product or service, we have to plan its next phase of innovation, well in advance; otherwise sales might decrease with no response from the firm. In order to be able to deliver something new, we need a marketing methodology that enforces us to turn innovative ideas into innovation feasibility.

The following 7 PowerPoint presentations (covering 5 chapters) support the know-how of the action plan chapter of the marketing plan, in general, and the understanding of how to develop a new offer within this chapter, in particular:


Creativity & Marketing - "Cre8iVT"       
ppt presentations (PDF)
specifications comments
P21 Welcome to creativity test 65 Slides (S)
2.2 MB
1 out of 5
P22 Creativity - vocabulary & theory 20 S
0.2 MB
2 out of 5
P23 Human brain, introduction 35 S
0.9 MB
3 out of 5
P24 Proving mind limitations - part 1

57 S
1.5 MB

4.1 out of 5
P25 Proving mind limitations - part 2

51 S
1.8 MB

4.2 out of 5
P26 Overcoming mind limitations - part 1 39 S
1.7 MB
5.1 out of 5
P27 Overcoming mind limitations - part 2 42 S
1.0 MB
5.2 out of 5
                                                                                                                                                                    Table 2 - Creativity

Advanced marketing has a lot to do with innovation. In fact, marketing is centered on the right innovative product or service, at the right innovative price, to the right innovative customers, at the right innovative time, at the right innovative place, with the right innovative communication - for the right innovative profit.

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