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Marketing lecturer - Alon Rozen

International marketing lecturer

Full name:

Academic degree:

Lecturing languages:

Geographical coverage:

Alon Rozen, international marketing lecturer

Alon Rozen

PhD candidate
BSc. Economy & Finance

English, French

Europe, North America, Asia
Degree granted from:

International School of Management (ISM) Paris
ENPC School of International Management, Paris
University of Paris 1, La Sorbonne, Paris
Last degree obtained: 1997 - MBA, on-going - PhD                                          

Danny Abramovich - marketing lecturer

Sample one-day seminars
 - International marketing
 - Implementing SWOTs for key/ global account managers
 - International product life cycles
Marketing channel management
 - Business strategy

Targeted corporate audiences
 - Marketing and sales executives
 - C-level executives
 - Specialized industries: Information technology, telecom, wine & spirits

Sample academic courses or seminars
- International marketing
 - Advanced marketing
 - Wine marketing
 - Music marketing

Academic institutions where courses or seminars have been delivered
 - University of Tongji, Shanghai, China
 - Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France
 - International School of Management, ISM-Paris, France
 - Superior European Management School, ISEG-Paris, France;
   > "Teaching Excellence Award 2008-2009"
   > Nominee of "ACBSP Teacher of the Year Award 2009"

 - School of International Management, ENPC-Paris, France
 - Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Paris, France
 - Chimie ParisTech, ENSPC-Paris, France
 - University of Paris 1, Sorbonne Graduate Business School - IAE, Paris, France
 - Superior Management Institute, ISG-Paris, France
 - Ecole des Cadres/Entreprendre Diriger Créer, EDC-Paris, France

Targeted academic audiences
 - Graduate-level students (Masters)
 - MBA, Executive MBA, Doctorate students

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The above information is for information only - its content does not commit or limit the lecturer by any mean or by any way.

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