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What is this LAST procedure about?
click to LEARN how to set criteria of success    "Whatever is managed is measured". This is the key to realize what a criteria of success is, why it is so important, and why it’s the closing issue of a marketing plan.

In many businesses, the only control indicators are quantitative. This is to be able to follow trends and look for gaps between what was planned in the budget or expected in the forecast versus the actual achievements. This is called gaps analysis.
In more mature businesses, the control is done more closely by verifying that every marketing activity has its own return on investment (ROI).
This is called Marketing ROI > learn more

A practical tip!

As an owner or a manager of a mature business, try to link the ultimate criteria of success to your vision!
In order to realize what might be your criteria of success, it’s recommended to revise the Critical Success Factors matrix, or as it’s simply called CSF-matrix - Tip about learning the theory (Table 3).

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
Based on this year’s results and performance, we have grasped that a revised criteria of success for us will be one written complaint per 800 local deliveries and one oral complaint per 200 local deliveries. With inter-State or international deliveries we can not fully guarantee quality of service as we rely on other service providers.
Private delivery services agency, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Our revised criteria of success is...


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