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What is this procedure about?
click to LEARN how to set marketing controlling tools    In the previous section we have asked a committee of trusted people to periodically control the marketing plan. In this section we need to provide marketing controlling techniques for the service of management and the selected control bodies.

Control tools are strongly related to the marketing research (and its sources of information)
of an existing business as they are described in the analysis chapter
of a marketing plan; chapter 1 of 4.

Some control tools can be provided in-house such as a client satisfaction survey
as well as performance and financial reports. When conducting a focus group or in-depth interviews with loyal consumers, such control tools need to be budgeted in advance (Table 37) > learn how to

A practical tip!
Learn to create your own questionnaire in order to upgrade your control techniques:
about creating your own questionnaire

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
In order to upgrade our understanding of our client behavior as well as to better control our quality of service, we are developing a systematic approach that relies on in-store observations by using our existing set of security cameras,
Music instrument shop, Vancouver, Canada

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
We (marketing control committee) rely on the following control tools...


> more tools how to

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