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What is this action about?
click to LEARN how to use Gantt chart    An important management execution tool is arranging all the actions that are planned in advance into one chart or table.

The tool is to collect all the declared marketing activities into one source of information and rearrange them chronologically as well as by inter dependency.
You can not call a relevant sample of 250 young mothers (households) to verify
if they have got your personal letter three days ago in order to activate sales if you
have not mailed 3000 addresses within the city limits on time >
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A practical tip!
The columns of the Gantt chart are flexible and can be shifted to match the characteristics of the industry. If timing is the most crucial aspect, what’s called in marketing "Time to market", especially with new products or services, the "When-column" can be second to the "What activity-column". If the action plan involves many people, the "Who-column" can be second to the "What", etc.

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
For a sample Gantt chart, please see sample plans.

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
You can follow the above instructions (Table 36) and present your own Gantt chart as part of the annexes of your marketing plan.


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