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(v1-3.4) Promoting marketing activities


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What is this action about?
click to LEARN how to promote marketing activities    In an existing business, the core of the marketing plan is its action plan and the core of the action plan is this section. An action plan is not a sales paln!

So far, we have set the three foundations of an action plan that increase sales:
1. Locating 
practical partnerships.
2. Selecting a limited number of
past marketing activities that have had some
    success and are still relevant.
3. Developing new products or services according to the marketing strategy.
There are two steps towards promoting marketing activities > learn how to

A practical tip!
If the chosen marketing strategy is dominated by a new market development strategy, which means attracting new
targeted audiences to the existing offer, the outline of this chapter can be greared towards targeted audiences and not
by the marketing-mix variables. Need an example?

In a fitness center, in accordance with the desired mix, a separate section can be allocated to men above 18 who are English speakers, ladies above 50 who are Spanish speakers, group courses, individual sessions, etc.
For each targeted audience, the major activities should be described according to the desired mix.

Furthermore, when executing sales-oriented or communication-oriented activities, it’s wise to rely upon the
AIDAS model; an acronym that stand for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction.

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
In order to emphasize sales promotion activities during selected weekdays; Mondays through Wednesdays - late morning and early afternoon (10:00am-03:00pm), we are going to promote special offers for retired men & women and tourists (not groups!) that stay in
exclusive hotels within a 30-minute drive from our Center, icluding
Washington DC.
Golf & recreation center, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
The first issue to deal with is... (based on the desired marketing-mix)


> more tools how to

The next action in your marketing plan
Enhancing service marketing 
when relevant, and if not, go ahead with:
GANTT chart


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