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(v1-3.3) Developing a new offer and its pricing


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What is this action about?
click to LEARN how to develop a new offer and its pricing    When the declared marketing strategy of an existing business includes the development of a new offer, it’s necessary to develop new products or services and the corresponding pricing.

Adjusting the marketing offer or developing a new one for an existing business depends on the selected marketing strategy. When product development strategy
or diversification strategy
is involved, we define and develop a new offer; new products or services and their corresponding pricing > learn how to

A practical tip!
Did you achieve satisfactory results when turning weaknesses into marketing opportunities as a part of formulating the TOWS-based objectives? If so, developing a new offer in this section will be relatively accessible.
right-brain oriented individuals this task is often quite productive. If you are a left-brain person, it’s beneficial to collaborate with others!

If you feel that some creativity can improve your marketing plan so far, get inspired
marketing plan and creativity

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
After gaining extensive international experience as a marketing consultancy and training company since 1997, we have developed an online marketing plan portal since 2009. This move is supported by our marketing strategy and objectives.
Marketing 2 Go Ltd., founder of the site you are now in; Tel-Aviv, Israel & Paris, France

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Based on our declared marketing strategy, the fact sheet of our new products (or services) is enclosed to this marketing plan.
Based on our declared marketing strategy, the amendments to the existing products (or services) is as follows...

> more tools how to

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