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What is this action about?
click to LEARN how to maintain marketing activities    For some businesses, repeating the same processes continuously shows
professional stability while other management styles can be categorized
as change-driven.

Although "change management" is a buzz word in larger corporations, before changing anything in an existing SME, one should review the success rate of
past activities and re-launch those that comply with the marketing plan strategy
and objectives for next year >
learn how to

A practical tip!
Although it’s not always exact, revise the "return on investment" - referred to as marketing ROI, of major activities that were executed last year. This is often more important than the results of the last customer satisfaction survey (if such a survey was conducted).

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
As we did during the past three years, we are going to continue and advertise the same radio jingles through local radio stations of relevant cities in most states across India.
Cell phone accessories chain (telecom outlets), headquarters in Mumbai, India

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
We are going to re-produce the following marketing activities that
were successful in the past and do comply with next year’s marketing strategy & objectives...


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