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What is this action about?
click to LEARN how to locate cooperative bodies    Locating corporations and/ or non-profit organizations to collaborate with is considered as good management practice. Sometimes, coopetition; cooperating
with the competition, is also necessary.

When conducting marketing activities such as a sales promotion, it’s good idea to locate complimentary marketing partners such as a credit card company and add your coupon in their mailing package. When running a weekly beer promotion in a bar, it’s common to get considerably lower prices for beer from an exclusive beer supplier. In this section we are looking for collaborators that demonstrate the
marketing formula: "one plus one is greater than two" (1 + 1 > 2) > learn how to

A practical tip!
Try to implement co-positioning, but what is it?
Co-positioning is more than cross promotion - it represents an advanced marketing approach creating a product or a service that is derived from two complementing brands.
A classical example is MERCEDES and SWATCH co-creating the SMART cars in 1994. SMART is an a
cronym for Swatch, Mercedes & ART.
To be able to suggest co-positioning, see
positioning principles.

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
We have concluded a quarterly collaboration as a pilot with a local chain of restaurants: our flowers on every table with a 1-800 tent card promising 10% discount and in our stores we give a restaurant gift voucher valued at $20 for every purchase above $50.
Florist chain store, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
In tune with our marketing strategy & objectives, our past and new selected business partners are...


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