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(v1-2.5) Position and perceptual gaps


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What is this objective about?
click to LEARN more about position and perceptual gaps    In the opening chapter, the Marketing Situation Analysis, we have dealt with positioning and perceptual maps. As a marketing objective, we are facing position and perceptual gaps.

Setting the position of an existing business means creating an artificial perceptual gap which needs to be addressed by an objective, one that will overcome the gap
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A practical tip!
Under positioning - selected tools, you have two videos (a total of 13 minutes) and a powerpoint presentation (14 slides), materials that will assist you in applying the advanced concept of managing perceptions.

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
During the second quarter of next year, our main message to be
communicated to our clients is "we have the widest selection of hybrid cars". According to our marketing communication objectives, the accompanying messages should be: "tax incentives, energy savings and long-term money savings."
A major car dealer, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
In order to minimize the perceptual gap of... next year we would emphasize... in our marketing communication.


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