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What is this objective about?
click to LEARN more about desired marketing-mix    It’s the process of going over the marketing-mix analysis of the past year and "translating" it into a one-sentence marketing objective.

The objective should define which two-three elements of the marketing-mix should be prioritized for next year?

It is equivalent to ’resource share’ except that the resources are not only monetary, but also include management and time >
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A practical tip!
Especially if you are a right brain learner, the desired marketing-mix can be better set by drawing the relative elements according to their importance. Click to see an example!

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
As of January, our new shop-in-shop concept of baby equipment rental within our long-lasting business (baby wear) will require us to revise branding and quality of service procedures before launching a modest awareness campaign.
Baby wear & baby supplies, Toronto area, Canada

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Next year, most of our managerial attention will be diverted to develop...
The second element (of the marketing-mix) that is going to be strongly supported is...


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