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Learn by "right brain learning"

right-brain learning Right brain learning

When the RIGHT brain hemisphere is more dominant, it tends to influence the LEFT part of the body: the left hand and left foot as well as the left eye and left ear.

Characteristics of right brain people
Intuitive, emotional, simultaneous, spontaneous, holistic, subjective, visual, tend to be creative.

These people are more successful in subjects that require a high level of verbal fluency and memory accuracy such as language, literature, history, and philosophy.
Equivalent examples in business are sales & marketing and human resources positions.

Learning style
Visualizing, drawing, seeing the big picture, manipulating objects, discovering patterns, responding to body language. They prefer content that includes images, stories and demonstrations and tests that include open-ended questions.
Seeing deadlines as negotiable rather than real requirements.
  right brain learning

The right-brain dominant person learns best when teaching follows right brain learning styles. Right brain dominant people succeed in following creative or emotional pursuits.
Based on these findings, we teach right brain people how to write a marketing plan by using a more visual approach.

Adjusted services in this site
Marketing plan templates are adapted to right brain learners.
Learning how to write your marketing plan by
series of videos.

Other services adjusted to right brain people

an intuitive and visual organizer

about right-brain learning


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