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Marketing Plan Glossary P

Marketing plan glossary - p
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perceptual gap
> see objectives chapter (2);
position and perceptual gaps (term is highlighted in red)

perceptual map or positioning map
> see analysis chapter (1);
positioning (term is highlighted in red)

pestle/ pesto/ pest model
Explained in the opening section of the situation analysis, the 1sr out of 4 chapters of a marketing plan,
> see analysis chapter (1); business trends analysis - tip about learning the theory (pestle is highlighted in red)

porter’s five forces
> see analysis chapter (1);
market analysis (term is highlighted in red)

> see objectives chapter (2); 
position and perceptual gaps

> see analysis chapter (1); 

Related to the LEARN section of this site,
> see section
learn with a pracademic approach

The set of marketing-oriented considerations to do with pricing such as "pricing top-down" (comparing prices to competition), "pricing bottom-up" (reaching a price based on calculations of costs and margins), discount & rebate
policy, methods of payments, etc.
> see analysis chapter (1); 
marketing-mix, table 5.1
> see objectives chapter (2); 
desired marketing-mix (term highlighted in red)

primary information
Related to marketing research,
> see analysis chapter (1);
sources of information, table 8 (term highlighted in red)

product development strategy, see
ansoff matrix

product life cycle (PLC)
A model demonstrating the cycle of a brand; pre-launch (phase 0), penetrating the market (phase 1), development (phase 2), stagnation (phase 3) while the fourth phase can be either re-positioning (equivalent to re-penetration) or decline if no action is being taken to re-position the brand,
> see objectives chapter (2);
desired marketing-mix - a practical tip (term highlighted in red)

product marketing plan
A marketing plan that is prepared for a product or a line of products, but not for a whole company. Often in use in larger corporations by product managers or brand managers,

product-mix or service-mix
Three marketing-oriented considerations when a product or a service is involved: its brand name, its quality of service
(also relevant to most products) and its physical characteristics (also relevant to most services),
> see analysis chapter (1);
marketing-mix, table 5.1
> see objectives chapter (2); 
desired marketing-mix (term highlighted in red)

promotion, see
marketing promotion

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