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Marketing Plan Glossary D

Marketing plan glossary - d
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data-base marketing (DBM)
Related to segmentation by loyalty that is one out of several methodologies of segmenting
> see analysis chapter (1); market segmentation, table 4 (term highlighted in red)

demographic questions
Closed questions seeking relevant demographic information about the interviewee, recommended at the end of a questionnaire,
> see creating a questionnaire (term highlighted in red)

desk research
Related to marketing research and to sources of information as it’s called in our methodology as this is the closing
section of the analysis chapter,
> see analysis chapter (1); sources of information, table 8 (term highlighted in red)

direct competition
> see analysis chapter (1); competitive analysis (term highlighted in red)

direct marketing or direct distribution channels
Besides being part of marketing distribution-mix (marketing-mix), the term is relevant to ANSOFF matrix; penetration strategy,
> see analysis chapter (1); marketing-mix, table 5.1 - under distribution channels
> see objectives chapter (2); marketing strategy - under penetration strategy (term highlighted in red)

direct marketing plan
A periodical action plan dedicated to direct marketing activities. Most relevant when the desired marketing-mix is limited
to direct marketing initiatives.
> see action plan chapter (3); promoting marketing activities

distribution channels (DC) & distribution channels-mix
The dosage between direct and indirect distribution channels.
> see analysis chapter (1); marketing-mix, table 5.1
> see objectives chapter (2); desired marketing-mix (term highlighted in red)

diversification strategy, see ansoff matrix

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