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Marketing Plan Glossary A-B

Marketing plan glossary a-b
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Purchasing time or space in a media in order to communicate marketing-oriented messages to selected targeted audiences. Messages are based on the communication objectives of the marketing plan.
When working with an advertising agency or a media purchasing agency, other plans are involved such as a media plan, a marketing communication plan or an integrated marketing communication plan.

aidas model
AIDAS is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action & Satisfaction.
The last letter (S) was added long after AIDA was developed (Strong, 1925).
Its a sales process whether in a face to face meeting, when arranging the offer in the point of sale or in a sales-oriented advertisement,
> see action plan chapter (3);
promoting marketing activities (term highlighted in red)

ansoff matrix
> see objectives chapter (2); 
marketing strategy (term highlighted in red)

auditory learning
Related to the LEARN section of this site,
> see
learn by your senses (term highlighted in red)


b2b marketing plan, see business to business marketing plan - here below

binary question
A question with a two-option answer often yes or no.
> see analysis chapter (1);
creating a questionnaire (term highlighted in red)

business development or international business development
> see objectives chapter (2); marketing strategy (term highlighted in red)

business ethics
> see analysis chapter (1); 
sources of information (term highlighted in red)

business marketing
A term used to describe the marketing of a business for-profit. When marketing is used by non-profit associations, the term used is non-profit marketing or simply social marketing,
> see for-profit marketing plan

business marketing plan or business for-profit marketing plan
A plan that is adjusted to a business (existing or new) and not to a non-profit organization. In this site a business marketing plan is referred to small and medium businesses.
> see
business for-profit

business plan or b-plan
A plan that represents a broad spectrum of a longer term planning needed before the launch of a new venture or before conducting a major change during the life of an existing business.
Besides a short introduction, including the business vision, a business plan is comprised of a set of sub-plans such as a marketing plan, a financial plan, a human resources plan, an operational plan, and sometimes a legal plan is also required.
The term "business plan" (or B-plan) is often confused with "business planning", see the following term.

business planning
The process involved with planning layers such as a business vision, a selected business strategy, operational tactics as well as standards & procesures to back-up those tactics,
> see an article managing a business (terms highlighted in red)
> see a set of business planning videos

business strategy
This is a part of business planning process, especially in a new venture or a non-profit, and a preparatory phase when preparing the marketing strategy of a marketing plan,
> see article managing a business (term highlighted in red)

business to business marketing plan (B2B) or relationship marketing plan or industrialized marketing plan
A plan that is designed to a manufacturer or an intermediate business that sells most of its goods or services to another business entity rather than to the end user,
> see an article
managing a business (terms highlighted in red)

business to customer marketing plan (B2C)
A plan that is designed to a business that sells most of its goods or services directly to the end user,
> introduced in an article
managing a business (term highlighted in red)
> see
desired marketing-mix - practical tip

business trends analysis
> see analysis chapter (1); business trends analysis

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