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What is this objective about?
Click to LEARN more about desired market segmentation    It’s the process of going over the market segmentation analysis of the past year and "translating" it into a one-sentence marketing objective: which market segments are to be retained; consumer retention, and which other segments should be prioritized towards next year, or next season?

How can you set such an objective in practice?
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A practical tip!
Based on the previous issue; marketing strategy, in case you choose to use a market development strategy which means increasing the demand by promoting your existing offer to new segments, at this point you must describe the "who?". Who are the targeted audiences that you would like to put emphasis next year?
It’s practical only when such groups of people can be identified: "who are they?" - and quantified: "how many such people are there potentially?" - and finally ask yourself: "how are these people accessible?"

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
Next year we will continue to address adults over the age of 25, working individuals that want to look good beyond working hours and weekends. Furthermore, as declared in our strategy, for the first time we will also target local gays and lesbians in a minor way though.
Unisex causal clothing shop, Glasgow, Scotland

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Our main targeted audiences next year are...


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