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(v1-2.6) Yearly sales forecast


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What is this objective about?
click to LEARN more about yearly sales forecast    Budgeting should be closely linked to the sales forecast.
This final marketing objective on the check-list of an existing business, is mainly
 Measurable, but it also has to adhere to other components of C-SMART
, an acronym of six terms that proper objectives have to comply with.

As the sales forecast is part of marketing objectives, its content has to be Challenging, Specific,
Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed > learn more

A practical tip!
Present a month-by-month and quarter-by-quarter consolidated sales forecast. A consolidated forecast represents the various forecasts that were prepared per profit center, per product or service, per targeted audience, etc.

Present two scenarios: a realistic one and a pessimistic one, omitting an optimistic one assuming that management is realistic.

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
Our sales forecast for next year shows an overall increase of 6% although stagnation is expected in the 4th Quarter (especially October-November).
See Annex no. 12 for details...
Plumbing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Next year’s detailed quarterly-based sales forecast shows...
Please see annex presenting two scenarios: pessimistic and realistic (omitting an optimistic one).


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