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What is marketing strategy about?
click to LEARN more about marketing strategy    Strategy is an integral part of marketing plan objectives, but it is also a popular term that is often used in the wrong context. If you really know what strategy means you are not part of the majority of managers in SME’s/ SMB’s. To use the term "strategy" more appropriately, read managing a business or managing a non-profit accordingly.

As an introduction to marketing strategy, the Ansoff Matrix is a very common methodology of business development as it is easy to learn as well as easy to enhance > learn more

A practical tip!
In general, try to manage your existing business without using the term "strategy" which tends to confuse others.
However, under the term of "Strategy for beginner strategists", you should start with the Ansoff Matrix or Ansoff Model.
A marketing strategy is often regarded as a growth strategy although sometimes the optimal strategy can be how to downsize a market or the sales volume of a product.

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
Next year we are going to develop a new delivery service to our corporate accounts as well as promote our store to a new market: senior secretaries in companies with more then 150  employees.
Office supply store, Idaho, USA

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Next year, our selected marketing strategy is defined as...


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