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What is positioning about?
click to LEARN more about positioning    Positioning is an advanced marketing tool that helps to manage the perceptions potential customers and actual consumers have of an existing business and its associated brands.

Managing perceptions affects the internal and external decisions of the targeted audience in regard to the business. Externally speaking, what are the optimal messages that need to be communicated to our targeted audiences?

Internally speaking, what improvements need to be made in-house in order to upgrade perceptions that are related to our critical success factors?
Positioning is an outcome that is based upon three elements > learn more

A practical tip!
In order to learn what the perceptions of your existing consumers are let an intermediate body contact them in your name. In markets where there are legal concerns, or when possible, contact your consumers in the name of a neutral body such as a marketing research agency. Initially, there is a preparatory phase - revising the competitive analysis and the top USP’s that are SWOT-based.

What are the questions to be addressed to your targeted audiences in order to learn how your business and its associated brands are perceived by them against competitive brands?

For example, for a travel agency such questions may be: "Here are a few names of travel agencies in the surrounding area, Agency Alpha, Agency Bravo, Agency Charlie and Agency Delta International" (which is yours).

"As far as the level of variety of tour packages to short-haul destinations is concerned (this is USP1), can you allocate a grade from 1 to 10 (1 is for a very limited tour choice & 10 is for an extensive choice) to each of the agencies you may know or heard of?

Secondly, please rate the level of adaptability of those agencies to organized group tours, accordingly (USP2)".
See also
creating a questionnaire (see question no. 4)

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
Thanks to a limited-scale survey that was conducted by a research agency, my partner and I realized that we have to better communicate the range of branded watches we offer as well as increase our availability prior to the shop visit. On a simple X (high-low quality of branded watches) and Y (accessibility to information prior to visiting the shop) graph our perception was second best among a set of five
relevant watch shops.
Representation of luxury watches,
high-street shop, Manchester, UK

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
Based on the perceptions of our clients, in accordance to our competitive advantages, the optimal perceptual map where our
brand is best perceived is Map number...  

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