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What is marketing-mix about?
click to LEARN more about marketing-mix    Marketing planning has a lot to do with defining priorities and allocating resources.
For example, defining what is more important to an existing business; to invest in the brand and to communicate it to the targeted audiences, or to negotiate the commission-structure of the dealers?

Understanding the elements that build-up the Marketing Offer and those of the Marketing Promotion, which make up 
the marketing-mix, offers clear guidelines.
Understanding all these elements leads to prioritizing their importance to the business > learn more

A practical tip!
Estimate the allocated importance of the three sub-elements of your product or service out of 100 points: Brand, physical characteristics and quality of service. For example, estimate that during the past year 30% of the budget and managerial attention (time) was allocated to the brand, 20% to the physical characteristics and 50% to the quality of service, accordingly.

Among the elements of the marketing-mix, the most professional field is mass communication, which is the marketing communication or simply MarCom. If you feel that understanding marketing communication can lead you to a more effective marketing-mix, consult > marketing plan and marketing communication

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
In our chain, during the past year we have highly invested our marketing budget in (internal) sales promotions to increase up-sales of face and body care products, but we have allocated only a limited budget to direct marketing (We have a database of many of our clients). We realize that these two important activities were not proportional enough.
Hairdressing franchise group, Australia

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
During the past year, our managerial attention (time) and expenses (money) were focused on developing our offer as follows... promoting our offer as follows...

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