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What is market segmentation about?
click to LEARN more about market segmentation    In the previous section, we have explored how to conduct a competitive analysis whether it is illustrated in a qualitative or quantitative way.

This section is about the demand of the existing business: Potential
customers and actual consumers. Here customers + consumers = clients

Who are the optimal groups of people we would like to be our consumers? There are clear answers >
learn more

A practical tip!
In order to better understand the needs of your potential customers and current consumers you can conduct a non-official marketing survey by asking them a basic question. For example, in a flower shop you might ask: "Thank you for being a frequent client, please let us know what the main reasons are why you choose us for your floral needs?"

If you feel that understanding consumer behavior can lead you to a more effective segmentation, please consult >
consumer behavior and marketing plan

Selected "quotes" from sample marketing plans
During the past year our main market segmentation included English-speaking women that for whatever reason didn’t feel comfortable enough to measure trousers in a shop and preferred to do so at home.
Jeans online, an Internet US-based firm

What can you write in YOUR marketing plan?
During the past year, the main groups of our targeted audiences were...
We define loyal clients by using the following criteria...


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