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Marketing action plan & budget

The two previous chapters; Analysis of the current situation & Marketing plan strategy and objectives were the strategic planning phase of a marketing plan. Strategic planning tools allow us to realize WHAT to PLAN - what optimal marketing objectives need to be executed during the upcoming year.

Welcome to chapter THREE out of
four chapters of a marketing plan; Marketing action plan and budget, which is all about HOW to EXECUTE - strategy implementation.

Section in this chapter To do!  
cooperative bodies
3.1 cooperative bodies
In order to comply with our marketing objectives, next year we should collaborate with the following companies and non-profit organizations:________...

Key concept: 1 + 1 > 2

about cooperative bodies
and do it!

maintaining marketing activities
3.2 maintaining marketing activities
The marketing activities that have recorded enough success in the past, and comply with our revised marketing strategy & objectives for next year are:________...

about maintaining marketing activities
and do it!

developing a new offer
3.3 developing a new offer and
its pricing
If marketing development strategy is part of our next year’s strategy, the fact sheets of each new product and service are enclosed! Each new item of the offer includes its pricing policies.

Key concept: creativity & innovation,
Related section in the objectives chapter:
Marketing strategy

about developing a new offer
and do it!

promoting marketing activities
3.4 promoting marketing activities
This is the key issue in the action plan! The marketing activities as per the desired marketing-mix or market segments are:________...

Related sections in the objectives chapter:
Desired market segmentation and Desired marketing-mix

about promoting marketing activities
and do it!

enhancing service marketing
3.5 enhancing service marketing
Relevant only to services!

The revised standards & procedures that will contribute to an improved quality of service are as follows:

Key concept: service quality gaps, also called SERVQUAL model.

about enhancing service marketing
and do it!

GANTT chart
3.6 GANTT chart
Practically, all the above activities need to be displayed in one table clearly stating what is to be conducted during the next 4 quarters, by who, when is it to be executed, how much does each activity cost (see next issue), and more.

Key concept: project management

about GANTT chart
and do it!

 marketing budget
3.7 marketing budget
In order to support the GANTT chart (from the previous issue), we need to create a dedicated marketing budget.

Related section in the objectives chapter:
Yearly sales forecast 

about marketing budget
and do it!

For videos of the above issues, please see series number 3

Marketing action plan & budget - start here!


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